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Why is COVID-19 called COVID-19?

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How can you cure COVID-19?

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What does the coronavirus attach itself to when it enters the human body?

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The new coronavirus which causes COVID-19 is not the first widespread coronavirus encountered by humans. But which of these is NOT a type of coronavirus?

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True or false: The novel coronavirus is mutating rapidly.

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How can you kill coronavirus?

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Which country has the highest Covid-19 death toll in Europe?

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What does R Factor refer to?

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Which organ does the new coronavirus primarily attack?

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How is the coronavirus which causes COVID-19 transmitted?

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 How long can you be next to an infected person before you get the virus?

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How long until you show symptoms of COVID-19?

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Can you become immune to the coronavirus?

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True or False: The COVID-19 pandemic has killed more Americans than the decades-long Vietnam War.

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Which world leader is a coronavirus threat denier who has scoffed at ideas such as physical distancing and lockdowns?

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What are the most common symptoms of coronavirus?

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When will the coronavirus outbreak most likely end?

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